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-Getting started

-PVC Clamp


-PVC Gobar

-Gobar Deck

-Sandpaper Cutter

-Sanding Block

-Fret File

-Bending Jig

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Sanding Block
A reuseable sanding block that is quick and easy to make. Made to fit one quarter size sheets of sandpaper. This tool will prove to be very handy around the shop.

Now Available At the Shop Store!

Sanding Block  

Sanding block
2 inch by 5 and inch by inch thick ply.(birch or maple)

1 and 7/16 inch by 5 and inch by inch ply.

1. Set Table saw blade height to 5/16th inch. Set table saw fence to 1/4 inch width.

With the 5 and 1/2 inch ply piece make one lengthwise cut. Rotate piece around and cut second pass on opposite side.

Sanding Block  

Assembly Continued:
2. Reset fence to 3/8 inch. With same piece make second series of passes. Continue in 1/8" increments until your ply piece has a 1 and 1/16th by 5/16" dado.

3. (On second ply piece) Set blade on table saw to 3 degree bevel. Set fence to 1 and 7/16" width. Make one pass to bevel one edge of piece. You can also handsand your own bevel.

Sanding Block  

Sanding Block In Use:
To Use, wrap the quarter sheet of sandpaper around the block. Wedge the beveled piece in to hold the sandpaper in place.

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