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-Getting started

-PVC Clamp


-PVC Gobar

-Gobar Deck

-Sandpaper Cutter

-Sanding Block

-Fret File

-Bending Jig

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PVC Gobar
Simple yet effective. These gobars are easy to make with a few basic tools. Gobars are primarily used to hold down a tone bar being glued to a soundboard.

PVC Gobar  

PVC Gobar
5/16" wide x 1 5/8" outer diameter x 1/8" thick PVC conduit

18" length of 1/4" dowel

1" brad

5 minute epoxy

1. Cut a 2" portion out of the PVC ring to create a 'C' shape

2. Pre-drill PVC section & top of 1/4" dowel,

3. Epoxy and nail brad into dowel

PVC Gobar  

Close Up:
Epoxy first then simply brad the PVC section to your 1/4" dowel.

PVC Gobars  

Gobars In Use:
Depicted are PVC gobar dowels holding down a glued in tone bar. The "C" part of the PVC gobar is not shown but is simply wedged between the gobar deck to create even tension and compression.

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